Hi Beautiful,

This is a deeply passionate topic for me.

Have you looked at social media lately and felt bad about yourself? Have you been told to not be too this or that? Have you been categorized by other people’s opinions and beliefs, and pretended to be a person you are not, while hiding your true self?

Well, I have, for most of my life. And let me tell you, it did not do any good for me!

In fact, it made me physically sick. I lived a I-have-to-fit-in-and-not-cause-any-attention-to-me-that-gets-me-in-trouble life. And while I did not get in “trouble” most of the time, my whole existence was a troubled hurricane ready to explode.

I was constantly in pain, and, my mind was concerned what the outside would thought of me.

I had to fall hard until I truly got it. My wake up call came when I was asked by my higher self: What do you want in life?

The answer came easy for me. I wanted to experience happiness, I wanted to feel good about myself and in my body. I wanted to help other people, travel, have children, a house and enjoy my family, I wanted animals. All things that really make me happy.

I realized that the only things holding me back was my belief systems, my constant fear of what people thought of me and my everlasting emotions around things that weren’t even real.


I worked on my traumas and released them. I cared less about what I “should do”, instead I focused on “what felt right for me”. I connected to people that liked things that I did, instead of making other people feel good and happy when we were together, or let them talk over my mouth. I stopped being muted, and I did a big “spring cleaning”.

Here are my tips to Shine Your Light And Not Feel Bad About It

  1. Realize you are more than your current belief systems, thoughts and patterns, and know you can change them
  2. Follow what feels right for you, no matter how weird or impossible it (logically..belief system *winkwink*) looks
  3. Connect with people who understand you, lift you up, and truly support you
  4. Release people that love to control, manipulate and hurt you to feel better about themselves ( oh yes, we all have those in our lives…)
  5. Make yourself and your feeling life a priority – if it feels out of alignment, why do you push yourself? What do you want to prove?
  6. Let the ego go, failing is a blessing in disguise ( I had tons of them and I am so grateful I did!)
  7. Bless the people who challenged you, learning the lesson is making you grow and shine your light even more
  8. Be unconditionally you, in every way. Goofy? Be goofy! Angry? Feel into your emotion and let it take you on a journey to finding yourself! Happy? Show it! Smile, grin, laugh, you deserve it! Fearful? Good, stretch yourself! What’s underneath the fear? Really? Who can help you? Get help! Talk about it, get a healing session, discover what’s underneath and how to deal with it.
  9. Love everything about yourself, all of your emotions, good and bad, all of your past selves, happy or sad, all of your choices, as crazy as they were. It’s all you and contributing to your existence. Experience = Life.
  10. Go for what you love and stand for, live the YOU, naturally, unconditionally, and with great compassion. Experience Yourself, shine your light!


When I started living the ME that existed INSIDE OF ME, my whole world changed. My purpose is to bring you to the truest version of yourself.

Allow yourself the path to light, yourself.