“The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself and let things take their own natural course.”

— Unknown

Grief. Heartbreak. Loss of trust. We’ve all had painful events happen in our lives. Whether it’s the type of pain that makes getting out of bed unbearable or hurt that consumes your daily thoughts, you must free yourself from the past.

Stop letting the past control who you are today. You don’t have to run around in circles. You don’t have to carry the weight of the past into future relationships. You have the power to change your life, one day at a time.

Here are 3 tips to help you let go:

1. Honor your feelings. 

Not being able to feel your emotions will prevent you from healing. Be mad. Kick things. Scream. Cry. Understand that feeling your emotions doesn’t mean you get to cut the world off and stop taking responsibility. It means you have to get it all out. Feel your emotions and then put them to work for you. Rebuild yourself.

2. Change the narrative.

You are playing the lead role in your life and it’s not too late to change the narrative. You are free to rewrite your story. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to do that, especially with a lifetime of pain. Start small. Look at your past with a positive mindset. How did the pain make you a better, stronger person? How did you play a role in your past? How will you turn this negative event into a positive?

3. Live in the now.

It’s difficult when the past keeps playing over and over again in your mind. However, replaying the past only causes you more hurt. To let go, you need to focus on the present. You can do this by appreciating the small things. Whether it’s eating slowly so you can savor your meal or enjoying the beauty of mother nature, take advantage of the present moment.

Ultimately, you are responsible for letting go. You know what feels right for you. Honor yourself so that you can move on and free yourself from the past.

“I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.”

— Unknown