It’s the time of year where cupid is shooting arrows all over town and flowers and chocolates are sold on every street corner. Love is in the air, or is it?

Whether you’re in a loving relationship or not, everyone could use a little more self love. Sometimes we get so busy giving our best to everyone else that loving ourselves is put on the back-burner.

Here are 5 ways to love yourself:


#1: Give Yourself Grace

Start by being your own best friend. What happens when your best friend makes a mistake? You’re quick to empathize, give unconditional support, and to offer solutions. So why wouldn’t you give yourself the same treatment?!

Be your own best friend by recognizing that you’re human and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how we learn. You are the only one that expects perfection from yourself – no one else. Understand that as long as you’re giving your best effort, things will be okay. 

#2: Practice Self Care

Now before you jump into a warm bath with cucumbers covering your eyes, understand that self care is more than a spa day. Now if a spa day is what you need to disconnect, then by all means, go for it.

Self care is also getting enough sleep, respecting your body by eating healthy, moving your body, and giving yourself time to think, meditate and reflect. Loving yourself is practicing healthy habits daily. Just like you have to maintain your vehicle, you have to maintain your body, mind and spirit.

#3: Respect Yourself

We’re often taught that we have to say ‘yes’ to everything, even if it’s something we really don’t want to do. Say ‘no’ to those soul sucking activities that you dread. Cut out the toxic people in your life. When you set boundaries, you are respecting yourself. When you respect yourself, you love yourself.

I am the type who always works on herself, even though I used to hold deep grudges.

My philosophy is: I am in competition with no one, but myself.
Everyone that triggers me, triggers a deep wound within myself.
I don’t fight a war against suffering, I show the way into a different direction.
As I love myself more and be more compassionate with myself,
I can love more and be compassionate with myself,
I can love more and be compassionate with others.
Don’t judge on others people’s journey, as my own journey was filled
With judgement I released and release every day.

#4: Appreciate Your Beauty

Change the way you look at yourself. Instead of standing in front of the mirror complaining about the features you don’t like, pay attention to what you do like. Take a deep breath and give yourself 3 compliments. Try doing this every morning and you’ll have a greater appreciation for all that makes you beautiful.

#5 Practice Gratitude

Reverse your thinking. Instead of feeling down and depressed by the negative things in your life, start a gratitude journal. Try listing the things you are grateful for. You don’t have to spend hours writing in a journal, although you can if you like.

Start small by highlighting the positive events in your day or 3 things that made you happy. By focusing on the positive, you’ll have a greater appreciation and feel genuinely happy.

While loving yourself doesn’t always come easy, it doesn’t have to be hard either. Try practicing each of the above tips daily and you’ll notice a shift in your happiness.