3 Ways to Create Happiness

Let’s face it: You only die once, but you LIVE every day. So why not spend the life you live right now, feeling happy? Chances are you see other people living it up and wonder why you don’t feel the same. What if I told you that all you needed to do was change your perspective?

In the 5th dimension, we see things from every perspective with love and compassion. That’s when I tune into people’s higher self, who reside in the 5th dimension and I can see, read and show different perspectives and ways to solve difficulties with no judgement and a fresh approach. Instead of focusing on the negative, switch your mindset to different perspectives of the whole.

Sound easier said than done? Here are 3 other ways to create your own happiness:

Stop comparing yourself to others.

It’s especially easy to compare yourself these days with everyone looking like an Instagram model. But we all know that’s not real life.

You can stop comparing yourself to others when you start to focus on your strengths. Stop and think about the things that you’re really good at. Not everyone is good at the same things. And if you’re not as good as someone at a particular thing, learn to accept your imperfections.

Your imperfections are not imperfect from a different perspective. Things you do not like about yourself could be very loved, adored and admired by another person. Keep that in mind. You are imperfectly perfect. And perfection is an illusion in the universe that strives to evolve at all times.

Let go of the hate

When you carry hate in your heart, you attract misery and illness. Happy people don’t hold grudges, so you need to learn to free yourself. 

We are all different perspectives mirroring each other. What you hate or judge about someone else, you internally hate and judge about yourself. The person mirrors your internal struggles, wants and desires back towards you. Let’s say you are jealous of someone who is a social butterfly and gets along with everyone. Maybe you struggle with being open towards people and like more of what this person has? 

Energy flows where attention goes and emotion is energy in motion. So when you feel jealous or hate, you put that energy towards this person, but also towards yourself. Try looking at your own belief systems or meditating as a way to let go

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Practice Admiration

The opposite of holding onto hate? Give people praise. You can think positive thoughts about people in your mind, or you can tell them you admire them. I used to praise women in my mind when I saw them, for example loving the wavy hair of one woman, admiring the way a woman was carrying for her child, love another woman’s legs and dedication to working out. I felt myself constantly getting positive energy and compliments back from random women. Because I gave out positive feeling and energy, I got this energy back multiplied. And it felt darn good! When you lift other people up, you’re lifted up too. Unhappy people live in a state of insecurity when they are always criticizing others to feel better about themselves. This doesn’t serve anyone. Think about the greater good of all, knowing we are all connected. 

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. ” – Dalai Lama

Compassion is the state of holding space for other people, knowing their way of life and not judging it or getting overly personally or emotionally invested, instead allowing themselves to explore, learn and grow at their pace. Compassion is passion for someone else’s creation.

Meanwhile, being passionate about yourself and your own creations is freeing yourself from judgement of how you have to be and allowing you to be balanced and happy where you are in the present moment. 

It is possible to create your own happiness. I hope these 3 ways help you live a life you love. If you’d like spiritual guidance, please feel free to schedule a reading with me. Cheers to finding the happiness you deserve!