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Illuminate Your Soul

Hi friend, I am Susann!

I am a Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Psychic and Energy Healer. Being highly sensitive, highly intuitive and empathic, I was on a journey to explore other cultures and find myself. Throughout my journey, I realized I have been diminishing who I really am, my light. I reconnected to my soul and followed my calling. I found my purpose in helping other people to tap into their light. I am here to help you let go of your traumas and heal yourself, so you can reconnect to your own sparkle. Together, we will peel back the layers of thoughts, emotions and vibrations that no longer serve you, and realign you to your inner guidance system. Knowing who you truly are and what lights you up will set you free to be your unconditional self and to light the way for others. At this time of change, you are more needed than ever to stand in your true divine power and share your gifts with others. I am here to activate and awaken you to your soul journey. I offer 1 on 1 support, energy mastery and bring you true light transformation, soul healing and  guidance.

Susann Orosco



My Private Services


Psychic/Intuitive Session

Get answers and gain knowledge about relationships, love, job and career, private questions. Learn what influences your ability to manifest your desires in your life and how to change it. You are the driver of your life and have the power to manifest your desires.

Medical Intuitive Session

Get answers about your health and root causes, emotional health and well-being, past life influences, relationships, dna and ancestry line relations. Heal your trauma and reconnect to your light. Own your inner guidance and follow your bliss.

Starseed Origin Reading

Do you think you are a starseed? Always felt different, not knowing where you belong? The awakening is happening all over the world. Get insights about your starseed origin and power, heal your wounds and shine your light with this guidance and support. 

Master Your Energy

Reclaim Your Power And Rediscover Your Peace

A revitalizing five-week program that teaches highly sensitive, intuitive, and ambitious people to silence negative self-talk, harness their inner-strength, and live in alignment with their higher purpose.

Lifetime Access To The Program!



Are you highly sensitive, highly intuitive and spiritual like me?

Do the energies of other people affect you mentally, emotionally and physically as well?

Do you crave feeling centered, balanced and at peace with yourself and others?

My friend, the most awakened people on earth are empaths like us!

We feel on the deepest level, our compassion is the highest, and we suffer the most.

I myself have suffered from disconnection and loneliness in order to “protect” myself from feeling other people’s wounds. I moved to a new continent to get away from this! I pleased people to make them vibe higher to feel better within myself and almost lost my identity in doing so…

During my darkest times, I was in so much pain, I couldn’t leave the bed…my anxiety was through the roof…

I’ve challenged myself to get up and find a solution. My soul craved for love, connection and self expression. I wanted to love myself and feel blissful!

I started honoring my gifts as an empath and highly sensitive, intuitive person, instead of neglecting them.

I studied medical intuition to understand why my body constantly felt the pain of others, and to help other people heal on a deep level.

I tapped into the aspects of my soul I’ve never seen before. My love and gratitude for myself became stronger, as I realized that being highly sensitive is truly a gift. 

You and I are a gift and here for a reason!

As I started working with my own energy, I learned how to use universal tools and my own powers to find peace and balance within myself, and to connect deeper to my soul guidance.

The chatter in my mind became controllable, and everything that triggered me became easy to release. I stopped the cycle of manifesting my emotions and other people’s energy into my physical body and stopped the painful sensations.

I became me again, and I now choose me and my energy before anyone else’s. Being balanced now, and knowing how to take care of my energy when triggered, I now vibrate higher, manifest easier than ever and I am able to reach and help my tribe to heal all over the world.

I designed Master Your Energy for MY TRIBE:

Empaths like me.

Highly sensitive people like me.

Highly intuitive, creative and compassionate people like me.

My tribe does not need to suffer! My tribe has everything to flourish, to be successful, powerful and blissful in life!

It is time to tap into your power and thrive, vibe higher, feel good and manifest with ease!

What You Get In My Program:

Understand Your Personal Energy

Center And Reconnect To Yourself

Master Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Energy

Release Your Outdated Beliefs

Vibrate With Your Unique Energetic Blueprint

Tap Into Your Own Inner Guidance And Manifest Your Soul Desires

Discern And Neutralize The Burden And Energy Of Others

Create A Life Of Purpose, Fulfillment And Joy

Show Up In Life As Your True, Authentic Self

What’s Included:

5 Week Video Training At Your Own Pace

3 Bonus Videos To Claim Your Energetic Space, Release Specific Energies From Your Body And Why,  And Clean Your Chakras With Ease To Vibrate High And Manifest With Ease

Lifetime Access To Program And Any Added Content 

I created this program to help and support you for life! Empaths and highly sensitive people need to embrace their powerful gifts NOW to help mother earth. She needs us more than ever!

Calling MY TRIBE to join me! You are not alone in this! 

Sending Love and Light To You My Friend.

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