How can you help me?

I am a Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Psychic and Energy Healer. From a young age, I have been highly sensitive, highly intuitive and emphatic. Telepathy, astral-body projection and connecting with the spirit world was easy for me. Going through sexual abuse and bullying, I went inwards to protect myself and blocked my abilities. In 2015, I had a near death experience and reconnected to my higher self. I started working through my own traumas and became passionate to help other people on their journey. I am here to help you let go of your traumas and heal yourself, so you can reconnect to your true self.

Together, we will peel back the layers of thoughts, emotions and vibrations that no longer serve you, and realign you to your inner guidance system. Knowing who you truly are and what lights you up will set you free to be your unconditional self and to light the way for others. At this time of change, you are more needed than ever to stand in your true divine power and share your gifts with others. I offer 1 on 1 support, energy mastery and bring you true light transformation, soul healing and guidance.


What is a Medical Intuitive Practitioner?

A Medical Intuitive Session provides you with insights of your health and well-being. In a Medial Intuitive Session, you will find out what is going on, where it comes from and recommendations from your higher self to change it into a more positive outcome. We address physical and emotional root causes of the problem.


What is a Psychic?

As a psychic, I am able to read people’s energy and pick up on information about their past, present and future. A Psychic/Intuitive Session with me is highly transformational. Get light insights and knowledge on subjects that concern you, so you can take action and make a positive shift in your life. Know that everything can be transformed into something more positive. Be open to change and receive abundance for yourself, creating the outcomes in life you are truly aligned with.


What happens during an Animal Session?

Let’s check out your furry friend! What is going on physically, mentally and emotionally? Let’s keep your beloved pet healthy and thriving. Includes physical scan and recommendations from higher self, character, want’s/needs, possible struggles.

Comes with an aura check and any possible questions you have.


What’s a Starseed? What happens during a Starseed Session?

A Starseed Is a person who is spiritually aware and may display spiritual gifts of clairvoyance. Starseeds may be able to read minds, others emotions or see future events.

Do you feel you might be a starseed? Or do you know you are and want to explore your origin of your soul in more depth? This session provides you with information about your starseed material, gifts, challenges and how to best implement your own gifts. Get guidance to survive this everyday life!


What is a Soul Retrieval Session?

A soul retrieval session concentrates on reclaiming pieces of your soul and reuniting you with that missing life force. Soul loss often happens due to trauma in our life. This can be a loss of a close relative, an accident, operations, bad experiences in life and others. Losing parts of ourselves imbalances our own life force and can cause pain and illness. Through soul retrieval, I help find the missing parts of you, heal the wound and reconnect that part of yourself. Your original blueprint essence can be restored, healed and fully bloom to express itself in its original soul blueprint.


What happens during a Past Life Session?

Find out past lives related to your current situation and how they manifest in your life as karma to work out. Gain insights and answers how the most current, most important past lifes play out in this life, what belief systems are running, what lesson you are supposed to learn and recommendations from your higher self to shift and change the karma. Comes with past life clearing and resolving, possible time line clearing and energy tools.


How can I pay for a session?

You may purchase a session directly from the Services page on my website.  I accept payments via PayPal.


What happens after I pay for a session?

After you purchased the session, please contact me with 3 available dates and times. We will schedule your session at a day and time that works best for both of us. Contact: Email to [email protected] (Internationally). Text message to 805-340-8339 (USA only).


How do I receive the session?

Sessions are held in person, over the phone or via Zoom (Zoom recorded for your reference). You will get an email with the confirmed time and date, plus the phone number to call or Zoom link (you click on the day and time we scheduled your session).

I also offer email readings which take place via email. A 1 Question Email Answer is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page. It is based on channeled writing and I connect to your Soul/Higher Self to receive answers. Topics Include: Relationships, Money, Job/Career, Health/Wellness, Travel, Animals and more.


How do I prepare for a session?

For Psychic/Intuitive and Medical Intuitive Readings please write down your questions,  or what you want to look into. Please be in a quiet, comfortable place where we are not disturbed.


Can I record our session?

Yes you can – absolutely!


What happens after a session?

Please drink plenty of water. If you can, take an Epsom salt bath. Allow yourself time to integrate and move the energy.


What if I’m not sure which session is right for me?

If you can’t find what you need please send an email to [email protected] and I will help determine how I can help you. If I cannot help you, I have a wide referral network with lot’s of options for your personal needs.