Embody Your Inner Goddess Workbook

Learn about and strengthen the 5 Keys to Unconditional Self Love and Feminine Abundance. Honor yourself in every situation. Remove blockages that hold you back from shining your light. Live Your Soul Truth. You are important and deserve abundance on all levels!

Manifestation Block Bullshit Buster

Having doubts and fears holding you back from deserving what you truly desire and want to manifest? This powerful buster will help you to get back in alignment. 3 simple truths will unblock your flow and make you remember what is truly important living  your life.

5 Keys To Feminine Power

Feminine energy and Femmepreneurs are rising and stepping into their true soul-aligned power. This brings abundance on all levels, as we are no longer suppressed by false stigma. Let’s get you closer to your true soul expression and the powerhouse you are meant to be.

The Divine Money Queen

Do you want to change your relationship with money? Manifest money? Let money come to you easily and effortlessly? Then this Money Queen Ritual is for you! Money is Energy and acessible for everyone. Change the way you see money and your whole reality around it.

5 Goddess Meditations

These beautiful Meditations will honor, empower and encourage you to be your true self, in your feminine power, unconditionally. Infused with Theta Waves for deep penetration into your subconscious mind. Love yourself for who you are and share your true essence powerfully.

Mother Earth Grounding Ritual

Grounding is important as we live in a busy, hectic and stressful world. Grounding takes the stress away, by bringing us back into alignment with ourselves. We step back into the present moment, where no past worries and future stress exist. Let Mother Earth take your stress away.