Hello Gorgeous

Hello Gorgeous

Medical Intuitive And Psychic Readings

Available In Person, Through Zoom Or Over The Phone.

Here’s what Hayley Says:

Do you want deep love, juicy abundance and intimate connection with yourself and others?

Do you want a lush life full of excitement, happiness and blissful moments?

Do you want financial freedom, elevated purpose and confidence with your choices in life?

Darling… you can have that!

It’s an inside job! It starts with embracing yourself, your inner divine goddess essence and unleashing your creator power from within. Owning your magnificence is the first step to your abundance.

We are not really taught to love ourselves. We are not really taught to embrace our unique gifts or express ourselves for who we really are. We get caught up in pleasing other people and neglect our own wants, needs and desires.

How can we create lush abundance for ourselves when we constantly base our inner world on outside criterias? How can we possibly fit in a box that is way too tight for our unique expression of ourselves?

We can’t…gorgeous. We just can’t.

We constantly block our flow, our happiness, our wealth.

In order to have a juicy divine reality you must own and unleash your truth from the heart. You must base your choices in life on your own inner happiness. Your energetic frequency has to become one of love, abundance and receiving goodness in your life. What you vibrate on the inside you reflect on the outside.

I am here to help you step into your vibration of abundance, love and joy, so you can manifest everything you desire into your reality.

Hi Gorgeous, I’m Susann.


I am a spiritual, body positive female activist with a passion for self development and made it my mission to help ambitious, self employed women to love themselves fully and claim their power back through deep one on one healing, self exploration and fundamental transformation. 

I have dedicated my life to help beautiful women like you rise in this world.
And I absolutely love it! <3

My scope of expertise lies in my energetic abilities. I was an open channel from a young age. Psychic, Energetic, Intuitive Abilities and Empathic Gifts come naturally to me. People call me a Highly Sensitive Person.


I call it the 5D. It is life changing!

Looking forward to connecting with you!


May you fall in love with yourself and honor your divine femininity with love and Grace.


My mission is to activate your divine soul truth and power from within, so you can create the life that you want defined by your own personal happiness, passion and purpose that elevates you into experiences full of supreme love, freedom, abundance and allows you to vibrantly enjoy the riches that make you feel alive.

My Divine Services


Let’s work together, I support your clients in your program!

Client Love

I now, as a result of doing this work with Susann, feel at home in my own body, I feel integrated with many many life experiences, and so many things have come into alignment. I have been able to claim back pieces of myself that were out searching for answers… I have worked on owning and integrating my shadows and feminine energy, but Susann’s work is next level. I am forever grateful to this woman and her gifts.

Hayley Henderson

I could already feel my energy shift and some of those blocks lifting during the reading. After I re-watched the reading and took notes, I did a meditation and downloaded exactly who my dream client is and how my coaching program will transform them! Susann is a divine priestess with so much passion and love for what she does and she is able to see and pull out gifts and abilities you don’t even know you have.

Kristin Akerele

She is a joy to work with. These types of readings are a must for any healer or coach to see the content of their aura, their emotional makeup and how that shapes your relationship to yourself and to reality. This reading was fantastic and came just at the right time when I was crafting an offer that did not serve my highest soul any more. I recommend her to anyone who is stuck in any area of their life to book a session with her, pronto!

Brenda Soulfire

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