Learn How To Heal Yourself Energetically, Connect To Your Own Intuition And Manifest Your Soul Inspired Desires!

Discover How To Heal Your 4 Energy Systems ( Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical ), Activate Your Own Unique Life Force Energy That Governs Your Most Potent Vibration, and Remove Past Triggers That Stop You From Experiencing True Peace, Abundance, Happiness And Success In Your Life

Previously A Live Program And Now Highly Discounted, My Program Is A 5 Week, Self Paced Training With Lifetime Access To The Program. 

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Master Your Energy

The 5 Week Master Your Energy Program

… is designed with you in mind. I’ll teach you powerful energy skills and sacred tools that ancient cultures knew about and used, and that we simply forgot. You have the right and power to tap into that knowledge yourself, to enrich your life and that of others.

Foundation: Learn about your own energy body, your aura, chakras and your 4 energy systems: your spiritual energy, your mental energy, your emotional energy and your physical energy, and how they are connected and get affected

Personal Care: Learn how to take care of your own energy first. How does your own energy feel from other peoples energy and environments? Get in touch with your vibration, center yourself and learn how to be in the present moment. Feel the instant shift of energy and awareness.

Sacred Energy Tools: Learn Powerful Sacred Energy Tools that bring your vibration into alignment with yourself, shield you from toxic energies and allow you to connect to your own intuition and soul guidance. These healing tools were known by ancient civilizations and cleanse and vitalize your whole being. Learn how to use them in your daily life with minimal effort.

Manifestation Practice: Learn how manifestation works, and what get’s in the way of having what you want. Learn how to connect to your intuition, listen to your soul inspired guidance and to act on it.

Remove Mental Chatter: Learn how to remove the mental chatter in your mind, disconnect from other people’s influences and bring awareness and healing to your third eye to deeper connect with your intuition and soul guidance.

High Vibe Energy: Learn how to recharge your energy with high vibrational energy that lifts you up instantly and positively affects all of your 4 energy systems: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Intention Color Coding: Learn to use intentional frequency color coding and your own chakras to clean out low frequency, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in your body. Remove all negative energy with this powerful practice and feel the instant shifts.

Universal Energies: Reconnect to the flow of universal energies to open your channels to abundance. Learn this sacred state of awareness and purification where you can harness the gift’s of the universe intentionally.

Clean Your 4 Energy Systems: Learn how to clean all of your 4 energy systems: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This will disconnect the negative flow between all the systems and invite a clean and pure invironment where your being can heal on all levels and bring you to a higher vibrational state.

Belief Systems: Learn how to clear your triggers instantly and deactivate your belief systems, no matter how long you’ve been carrying the belief.

Your Life Force Energy: You leave your own life force energy everywhere which drains your light, energy and ability to manifest your dreams, goals and desires. Learn how to reclaim your unique life force blueprint and reenergize your whole being into your unique vibrational frequency state that moves you automatically into your most potent version.

Bonus 1: I show you exactly how to clear your environment, such as home, office, car etc. from toxic and negative energy, and how to set your own vibrational tone to keep your space most beneficial for you.

Bonus 2: I show you why and how to scan and clear specific energies in your body that trigger you. Oftentimes multiple energies play a role in activating your triggers, and I show you exactly how to get to the root of it, clear it and release it for good.

Bonus 3: Your chakras are the light wheels of stored information of your whole being. You’ll learn about them and what they stand for in the foundational section of my program. They impact all of your energy layers and can cause ailments when out of alignemt. For example: Root Chakra imbalance can cause dizziness, feeling unsave, or fearful of moving forward in life. I teach you a powerful technique to clear, cleanse and revitalize your chakras to vibrate in balance and open opportunities to abundance.

Listen To What My Client Hayley Says About Working With Me:

Become Your Own Spiritual Healer Today:


Only: $199

Master Your Energy

The 5 Week Master Your Energy Program Is Designed To Give You All The Tools You Need To Transform And Heal Yourself On All 4 Energy Levels: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually…

… to make you access your own intuition, soul guidance and natural state of abundance. 

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Become Your Own Spiritual Healer Today:


Only: $199

Master Your Energy

What Some My Clients Say After Working With Me:

Susann is the real deal. If you’re ready to go straight to the heart of what’s happening for you at a core level, and receive what you need to make genuine change, work with Susann. You’ll be so glad you did.

Tricia, Spiritual Retreat Goddess In Bali

This woman is an angel walking this earth on a mission to help free humanity from the bonds of our past. Susann, Thank you for reuniting me with a piece of my soul I had been missing for so long!

Maya, Vocal Alchemist In Australia

Susann is an excellent medical intuitive who brings her expertise exploring the whole person… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns and belief systems locked into our cellular memory. She empowers you to activate your own inherent healing.

Marcie, Wellness Education In San Diego

The information that she conveys has been a major part of my healing process. I trust her implicitly. Thank you, Susann for your guidance and support.

Josh, Intuitive Reiki Master

Susann was able to give me guidance on how to construct positive changes in my life. Her healing sessions are filled with precise details and kind supportive suggestions. Thank you again Susann for sharing your gifts!

Nancy, Yoga Teacher And Energy Healer

I have had massive shifts with Susann and I am so happy that our paths have crossed. I would highly recommend her; working with Susann is an awesome and uplifting experience that propels you forward in life!

Savitri, Feminine Energy Healer In London

Truly life-changing! I highly recommend her!

Kristin, Breath And Energy Yogini

What an eye-opening ride! Sooo many things came to light. Thank you Susann, this was amazing! 

Brenda, Crystal Shamaness In Colorado

Susann has a way giving you information (no matter how sensitive) with a grounded, kind and very real approach. There’s no woo-woo or BS. She’s the real deal and I recommend her to anyone.

Anne, Intuitive And Reiki Master

How I Work And Teach You:

My Program Is A 5 Week, Self Paced Training With Lifetime Access To The Program. 

Become Your Own Spiritual Healer Today:


Only: $199

Master Your Energy