Master Your Energy

Reclaim Your Power And Rediscover Your Peace.

A revitalizing five-week program that teaches highly sensitive, intuitive, and ambitious people to silence negative self-talk, harness their inner-strength to manifest their desires and live in alignment with their higher purpose.

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!



The Universe Sees You

You Are:

Highly sensitive, highly empathic, highly creative, highly compassionate, and highly spiritual with big goals and dreams.

Eager to manifest your desires, live life from a place of bliss, and achieve and contribute to a higher purpose that serves you and humanity.

Someone who craves feeling balanced, centered, and more present and who is in alignment with their thoughts and emotions. 

Working to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions to become a better, more abundant version of yourself, and be better for your family.

On a quest to understand the holistic and natural healing energies of the universe to combat your low energy, emotional stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.

Determined to stop trying to control every situation, raise your vibration and ready to let your intuition unfold what life has in store for you.

Overwhelmed, frustrated, and depleted from being in a state of constant giving, without replenishing.

Struggling to manage your energy, thoughts, and emotions and burnt out from taking on the energy, thoughts, and emotions of others.

Soul-searching because you know there is a better way to channel your intuition and manifest your goals, you just need help finding the way.

The good news is that the path exists, and you are already on it.

Now it is time for you to take the first step.

When you let go of the chatter in your mind and come to a place of peace,

you allow your intuition and spiritual guidance to come through to manifest your soul desires with ease.

– Susann Orosco

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!




Before working with Susann I struggled intensely with grounding myself, which meant I’d have heaps of ideas for content and programs, but could never quite get to the point of delivery before moving onto the next idea. During my time with Susann she introduced a grounding energy practice.

At first it took effort to focus and get through the pieces, now I do it every day and feel real success flowing through into my physical reality and especially business.I feel my feet walking more solid on the ground, and the words I speak, the stories I share with others, I now never forget the reason for telling the story in the first place. Which used to be a crazy bad habit.

You are made of energy, so is the planet, it only makes sense to commit to sacred energy practices daily. Don’t underestimate the effects of an energy practice from a talented healer. Susann is such a gifted healer; her work is life changing.


Hayley Henderson, Branding Goddess

The world revolves around energy vibration and frequency; duality, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, and how you manifest what you desire.

You are literally energy in motion. Emotion. Your emotions determine your vibration which manifest your reality.

As you navigate life, you face a constant onslaught of energetic and emotional information; thoughts and opinions of friends and family, social media, the news, commercials, school, work.

In school, you were taught subjects that you would rarely use again, and yet you were utterly unequipped and unprepared for how to process all of the emotions and unwanted feelings as you are bombarded by external stimuli. You direct your thoughts and emotions towards other people, and neglect your own. Instead of manifesting your desires, you are stuck and struggle.

It is no wonder you feel exhausted, depleted, and overwhelmed.

You need to hear that it is not your fault. You were left unguarded and unprotected from the chaos of everyday life. You did not learn how to discern other people’s emotions from your own. You did not know how to balance your own energy, tap into your intuition and manifest your desires in life.

The Master Your Energy program was designed with you in mind, to equip you with the foundation and skills that your schooling deprived you of. Learn how to heal yourself with powerful energy tools, let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in life and start creating conciously through your intuitive soul desires.

The program will help you rediscover your peace, reclaim your power, and raise your vibration to match your most potent version of yourself!

This Program Will Teach You Life-Altering Skills.

by the end of this comprehensive five-week course, you will learn how to:

Understand your personal aura, chakras and energy systems.

Master your energy, feelings, and emotions, discern other energies.

Replenish your inner power and vitality to raise your vibration with ease.

Achieve present-moment awareness, connect to intuition and soul desires.

Sharpen your clarity, focus and will power to manifest your desires.

Discover lasting calm, peace, harmony and gratitude from within.

Harness your intuition. Become your own Energy Healer.

Connect to your soul and internal guidance systems. Move towards your goals.

Discern and neutralize when you are carrying the burden of energy from others. Stay in high frequency.

Create and manifest a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy for yourself and your family.

Show up in life with love, gratitude and confidence as your true, authentic self.

The Master Your Energy program will build your energy foundation, with each video module building upon the next.

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!



Reclaim Your Power

Here Is What You Will Get In This Powerful,

Life-Changing Program:

Mandatory Prework


Discover your natural energy aura

Understand your 7 chakra systems

Week 1: Discover

Reconnect to yourself

Center your vibration

Honor your energy boundaries

Week 2: Build

Reconnect to your power center

Clear out overactive mind chatter

Replenish yourself with high vibe energy

Week 3: Balance

Reconnect with universal energy

Release negative mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies

Week 4: Center

Reconnect to your own life force energy

Clear your active belief systems

Week 5: Practice

Practice all energy steps together

Learn to use energy skills in every situation

The Value Of The Program Is: $2999!


You Get:

Lifetime Access!

With lifetime access to these modules, along with any future course updates or additions, you will always have what you need to stay in control of your energy, your vitality, your strength, and your peace.

Special Offer:

For A Limited Time Only!

The value of these courses is $2999, and it can be yours for only $299!

This is a 90% discount!

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!



Reclaim Your Peace

Extra Goodies!

I am devoted to helping you make a lasting change to your energy lifestyle. It is my purpose.

In addition to lifetime access to the video content, you will also receive:

FREE lifetime, exclusive access to a private Facebook group with a community of energy masters (Valued at $3000) where you receive:

Practice and accountability as I guide you through two live energy sessions each week.


Access to ask me your questions about your energy work: Q&A Live Every Week


Connect and communicate with individuals just like you. High vibe Energy Tribe

Bonus Videos!

FREE Bonus Video 1

How to clear any building you are in and set energetic boundaries, whether it is your home, office, or workspace.
($1000 Value)

FREE Bonus Video 2

How and why to release specific energies from your body.
($1000 Value)

FREE Bonus Video 3

How to clean your chakras and balance them energetically to vibrate on a high frequency.
($1000 Value)

These bonuses, which are worth over $6000 value, are yours for FREE when you sign up for the Master Your Energy program!

one on one opportunity

For My Master Your Energy Members Only:

You will also have the opportunity to schedule discounted one-on-one coaching to review your energy map and your chakras and help you identify any roadblocks that are preventing you from moving forward. This one-hour session is valued at $199, but is available to my students at a special price of only $99!

Do you want to silence your negative self-talk, harness your inner-strength, and live in alignment with your higher purpose?

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!



I sense that you might be thinking…     

What if this doesn’t work for me? I’ve been searching for alignment with my inherent power and energy for as long as I can remember without success.

How will this program be any different?

What if it does work? What if I expose my inner being and discover that I’ve been neglecting myself? What if I need to make significant life changes to reclaim my power?

Will I be able to do it?

What if I come to realize that I already am aligned with my guiding intuition, but I still feel out of alignment? What if I realize that my gut has been right all along and the issue is them and not me?

What will I do then?

I understand your fears because I was once in your shoes. Forgive me, I just realized, I haven’t shared with you who I am!


Hi I am Susann!

I am a Medical Intuitive Practitioner, natural psychic, medium, expert starseed reader, body-positive female activist with a mission to help self-employed women to love themselves fully and reclaim their power through deep one-on-one energy healing, psychic self exploration and trauma transformation. I specialize in energy readings, metaphysical causes of illness and getting to the root of your traumas so you can dare greatly and be free to live the life you truly deserve.

My friend Brenda says: “Susann is the Wisdom Soul behind your shine.”


My story is one darkened by sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, trauma, bullying, and two near-death experiences. I know the depression, isolation, fear, and exhaustion that comes from not successfully managing your energy and reactions to your life experiences. I also know the tremendous peace, happiness, joy, and fulfillment that comes after you learn to harness your intuitive nature. 

I would love to help you avoid the challenges that I went through. I am honored and humbled to help you master your energy, reclaim your power, and rediscover your peace.

I welcome you to read how working with me has altered the lives of some of my clients:

Tricia Karp

Susann is a powerful intuitive with a warmth and sense of humour that immediately made me feel comfortable. At a time when there are a lot of people claiming to have these rare gifts of insight, Susann is the real deal. If you’re ready to go straight to the heart of what’s happening for you at a core level, and receive what you need to make genuine change, work with Susann. You’ll be so glad you did.

Brenda Soulfire

What an eye-opening ride! Susann is an expert Energy and Higher Self reader. She is very clairsentient and clairvoyant, and reads you like a book with ease. If you are a healer, or a mystic on the path of ascension, seeing your energetic blocks is key to healing yourself and going the next level. I recommend her to anyone who is stuck in any area of their life.

Maya Aliman

Susann through her skills and process not only recognized a problem that had been running me to the ground, but she beautifully guided to see the deeper issue and helped me clear it with love.
This woman is an angel walking this earth on a mission to help free humanity from the bonds of our past.
Susann, Thank you for reuniting me with a piece of my soul I had been missing for so long!

Nancy Paik

Susann’s gifts of insight, intuition and clairvoyance are extraordinary! I have been blessed to have had three incredibly accurate readings where she not only provided intimate details of my situation, she also was able to give me guidance on how to construct positive changes in my life. I have gone to a few psychics before and have received good readings but Susann’s level of seeing is remarkable! Her healing sessions are filled with precise details and kind supportive suggestions. Thank you again Susann for sharing your gifts!

Marcie Hintz

Susann, is my go to practitioner who I trust and allow to do the same for me. She is an excellent medical intuitive who brings her expertise exploring the whole person… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns and belief systems locked into our cellular memory. Once these patterns are identified she uncovers issues at the root cause which is the basis of all dis-ease in the body. Susann gets to the core of life events, and delivers the message with love and kindness, empowering you to activate your own inherent healing.

Savitri Bhurji

Susann is a highly gifted healer and her presence is extremely noticeable. She has a unique gift, gets to work quickly and gives you so much information that transforms you extremely quickly. I have had massive shifts with her and I am so happy that our paths have crossed. Not only does she reveal your blocks, she is able to give you practical information in alignment with your greatest good that will assist and support you on your journey. I would highly recommend her; working with Susann is an awesome and uplifting experience that propels you forward in life!
Still unsure about whether or not this program is for you? Allow me to make it even easier for you:


If you sign up for the program and complete the mandatory module about your energy body and the week 1 module, and you feel like the universe has not confirmed this is the program for you, contact me immediately to receive a full refund.

I am here to help you find the answers you have been searching for so you can improve the quality of your life. If your answers are not in my program, I want you to feel free to let the universe guide you elsewhere to them.

What Do You Say, Friend?


How much do you value your power, vitality, clarity, and focus?
What would it be worth to you to have an internal dialogue full of love, harmony, and positivity, instead of one of judgment and negativity?
Are you ready to live in alignment with your intuition and your higher purpose?
Don’t you want to master your energy, reclaim your power, and rediscover your peace?

Become Your Own Energy Healer Today!





When Does This Course Start?
You can start anytime! The Master Your Energy Program is a self-paced program, which means you can start TODAY, work through each module on your own time, and get the support you need. You have lifetime access to the course and Facebook group, where we practice live each week!
Can I Really Learn Energy Skills?
Absolutely! This course is for all stages of energy masters! Come to the weekly live training and practice, ask questions and connect with likeminded members for support and encouragement. NOTHING IN THIS COURSE IS TOO HARD FOR YOU TO DO. You have the option to get one on one support from me. Together we make sure you’ve got this! It’s easy peasy, practical and fast to integrate into your lifestyle.
I am super busy and don't know if I really have time for this.
I hear some fear in this. Don’t worry. Again, it’s for beginners and advanced energy masters. I hear you, you are busy with your everyday life, but isn’t your every day lifestyle what brought you here? You want relief of stress and low energy, mind chatter and chaos. The modules are designed to fit into your day easily. Make some time for this lifechanging course now and own your time, emotions and energy later. It benefits you in every area in your life.
How much time should I expect to spend each day on the module?
Each module is about 20 minutes long. I encourage you to watch the module you are on every day for 5 weeks, so you can really learn and integrate the skills. I encourage you to be present at the live trainings each week. Practice what you learned daily. Every single action you take moves you closer to enrich your life in the most positive way.
How Do I Pay For This Course?
You pay through Podia, where all the course materials, links, information and access to Facebook are hosted. You have your personal login and can come back to the modules anytime. The payment is a single payment of $299, which is less than $9 a day. People spend more on Starbucks every day to get their energy level up…*twinktwink*
What If I Can't Complete The Course In 5 Weeks?
No worries! With lifetime access to modules and Facebook, you can take the time you need to learn the skills and practice with me live in the group every time you need a refresher. You have also lifetimes access to the bonus materials and any added course material. It’s yours forever!
What If I Can't Complete The Course In 5 Weeks?
No worries! With lifetime access to modules and Facebook, you can take the time you need to learn the skills and practice with me live in the group every time you need a refresher. You have also lifetimes access to the bonus materials and any added course material. It’s yours forever!
What is Your Refund Policy?

I take your success very seriously. If you sign up for the program and complete the mandatory module about your energy body and the week 1 module, and you feel like the universe has not confirmed this is the program for you, contact me immediately to receive a full refund minus $50 processing fee. Please note that after 7 days, or you started the second module, there will be no refunds to the program. To review the refund policy, click here.

Should I Enroll In This Course?
If you want to take charge of your energy, your mental, emotional and physical well-being as well as how you react to situations around you, this program is for you. If you want to master your energy, so you can connect to your intuition and get internal guidance instead of outside opinions, this course is for you. Right now my course is 90% off, this won’t last long! Get this offer before it expires! I don’t ask you to do anything that I haven’t done myself. I started as a beginner. I am here to support you all the way.

I have another question. How can I get in touch with you?

Please email me with any questions you have here:


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