New Service! Email Readings:


After purchasing, please email your questions to [email protected]. Under your questions, please write your full name (first and last name) 3x times. That gives me permission to connect to your Soul/Higher Self and give you guidance.

Session FAQ

What You Need To Know

After You Purchase A Session

After you purchased the session, please contact me with 3 available dates and times. We will schedule your session at a day and time that works best for both of us. Contact: Email to [email protected] Text message to 805-340-8339 (locally only).

How You Receive The Session

Sessions are held in person, over the phone or via Zoom (Zoom recorded for your reference). You will get an email with the confirmed time and date, plus the phone number to call or Zoom link (you click on the day and time we scheduled your session).

How You Prepare For The Session

For Psychic/Intuitive and Medical Intuitive Readings please write down your questions,  or what you want to look into. Please be in a quiet, comfortable place where we are not disturbed. 

After The Session

Please drink plenty of water. If you can, take an epsom salt bath. Allow yourself time to integrate and move the energy.

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