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Tricia Karp

At a time when there are a lot of people claiming to have these rare gifts of insight, Susann is the real deal. If you’re ready to go straight to the heart of what’s happening for you at a core level, and receive what you need to make genuine change, work with Susann. You’ll be so glad you did.

Brenda Soulfire

What an eye-opening ride! Susann is an expert Energy and Higher Self reader. She is very clairsentient and clairvoyant, and reads you like a book with ease. I booked a Money, Success and Career Reading with her and sooo many things came to light. Thank you Susann, this was amazing! I loved the specific insight that came through!

Maya Aliman

Susann through her skills and process not only recognized a problem that had been running me to the ground, but she beautifully guided to see the deeper issue and helped me clear it with love.
This woman is an angel walking this earth on a mission to help free humanity from the bonds of our past.
Susann, Thank you for reuniting me with a piece of my soul I had been missing for so long!

Truly Life Changing!

My session with Susann Orosco with truly life-changing! She did a Money and Career reading with me and watching her tap into my energy was fascinating. During the reading she discussed what was happening with my chakra centers; specifically my sacral chakra. I had been feeling blocked in my coaching business; it’s new and I felt like my audience and messaging were a bit off. She tapped into that and was able to communicate with my higher self to identify what my gifts actually are and who I am meant to serve! She saw some events from my past and how they have impacted my belief system and what is blocking me from true financial abundance in my life. I highly recommend her and I am even including sessions with as part of my coaching program.

Kristin Akerele, Yogi Intuitive


Nancy Paik

Susann’s gifts of insight, intuition and clairvoyance are extraordinary! I have been blessed to have had three incredibly accurate readings where she not only provided intimate details of my situation, she also was able to give me guidance on how to construct positive changes in my life. I have gone to a few psychics before and have received good readings but Susann’s level of seeing is remarkable! Her healing sessions are filled with precise details and kind supportive suggestions. Thank you again Susann for sharing your gifts!

Marcie Hintz

Susann, is my go to practitioner who I trust and allow to do the same for me. She is an excellent medical intuitive who brings her expertise exploring the whole person… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns and belief systems locked into our cellular memory. Once these patterns are identified she uncovers issues at the root cause which is the basis of all dis-ease in the body. Susann gets to the core of life events, and delivers the message with love and kindness, empowering you to activate your own inherent healing.

Savitri Bhurji

Susann is a highly gifted healer and her presence is extremely noticeable. She has a unique gift, gets to work quickly and gives you so much information that transforms you extremely quickly. I have had massive shifts with her and I am so happy that our paths have crossed. Not only does she reveal your blocks, she is able to give you practical information in alignment with your greatest good that will assist and support you on your journey. I would highly recommend her; working with Susann is an awesome and uplifting experience that propels you forward in life!

I Trust Her Implicitly!

There are few people in this world that are as naturally gifted as Susann. My first experience with her was so intense and accurate, it changed my perception of what was possible in the psychic realm. Her abilities leave no room for doubt about the nature of the metaphysical world and of the reality of our connectedness and intuition. I have been working with her for over a year now, and throughout that time she has helped me see into some of my most critical blind spots. The information that she conveys has been a major part of my healing process. I trust her implicitly. Thank you, Susann for your guidance and support.

Joshua Helland, Reiki Master


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